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Today is an exciting day for me, as I write the first blog for this website. If you browse around, you’ll notice there isn’t much here. But thanks for looking!

Briefly, the Textile Village Servant Corps is an immersion, faith-based service corps for young adults in Greenville, SC. This website was created so I can communicate some of the details to those who may be interested. The blog is a supplementary piece that, for now, will help me stay connected with the folks in the Upstate who have already touched my journey as well as get my community outside the state up to speed. In the future, I hope to use this space to share what our community experiences and shed light on the issues we touch in Greenville.

Here’s a quick rundown: the program is planning to run a “Beta” year beginning this fall (2018). There are 3 work sites primed to accept corps members and housing available for 3 members as well. Should you be curious about the specifics of that statement, feel free to shoot me an email. Currently, I am working to recruit 3 local young adults (21-29 years old) to participate in this year. Knowing that this will hopefully be shared with a handful of people that might fit that bill, here’s what would I say to convince a person to participate in this program:

First and foremost, let God lead you to make this kind of commitment.  The difference between TVSC and other service programs is the time/space created for Spiritual Formation. I would urge any young person to follow their gut/heart/head (Enneagram triads, hello!) into this journey. Secondly, if there is a hole in their understanding of the future, or the gospel, or their community, this program is for them. Let’s chat, I’m sure I can convince you of this. 

I’d like to keep this concise, so I’ll wrap up by sharing the inspiration behind this program. My husband and I were lucky enough to participate in the Colorado Episcopal Service Corps just a few years ago. That, for me, was the “big leap” meant to take me in the direction of God’s calling. In transparency, our sweet little girl changed my path to realize my calling, but she (and her life) have not changed what I feel God pushing me toward.  This program is born out of the desire I continue to have to see more intentional community for myself and my peers. This is my contribution to a solution that sees Christians putting more feet on the ground and more hands on the people. I’m so delighted to see how people in Greenville have responded to my passion and what I feel God has aligned prior to those conversations.

Please, leave questions or comments below. If you feel inclined, or led, please share this with those who may benefit from a year in service and formation.

With light,



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  1. Very well written, Court. Let us continue to pray that God will send those that He knows are ready for this very experience. Great start!!

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