Employ a Member

Job Description:

  • 32 hours per week, flexible hours are appropriate based on the needs of the organization. (Monday – Thursday preferred)
  • 8 hours per week minimum spent with participants/clients of the program
  • Administrative Tasks such as the following:
    • Data collection and management
    • Participant Intake
    • Event support and participation
    • Vendor relations
    • General staff support
  • Duration: Early September to End of June (dates to be confirmed in Spring 2020)

Keep in mind that the desired result of this internship is for the corps member to learn about poverty, social justice, and/or public policy. Beyond that, the role can be left to your discretion for the overall support of your program and described in the agreement between the TVSC Director and the agency.

Requirements of the Host Organization:

  • A site mentor who can lightly oversee the work of the corps member (For example: Monthly 1 on 1 to check in with the corps member and discuss “learning moments”)
  • 5 days vacation granted to the corps member for their use
  • Program fee paid to Textile Village Servant Corps (based on terms agreed to in the original agreement)
    • This fee helps TVSC to pay a living stipend to the corps member and assists with the payment of housing, transportation, and community needs.
  • Job Mentors/Supervisors may be asked to attend a community dinner during the course of the program year, but will not be required to give time outside of working hours.

Other Important Notes:

  • Corps members will be required to attend three 3-day retreats hosted by the program. These dates will be provided in advance and are expected to be free for the corps members.
  • Personal issues with a corps member should be reported to the TVSC Program Director.
  • Corps members will have access to healthcare through the TVSC network.

How to Apply: Please send a proposed internship position to textilevillagesc@gmail.com.

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