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TVSC will be recruiting in the Spring of 2020 for the Corps Year 2020-2021.
Below is a short list of qualities that are best suited to describe a future corps member:

A college graduate or a person in their 20’s with life experience. Participants will be expected to hold themselves professionally in their workplaces, with a mature sense of self. The post-grad experience is tricky to navigate, at least that is what I felt to be true. I desire to see other young people work through the tension of growing up and staying youthful as they develop their own understanding a Gospel-led life.

All are welcome to join the Textile Village Servant Corps. However, local folks are the best folks for TVSC. One of the long-lasting benefits of this program, in comparison to others like it, is the potential to create lifelong volunteers in the programs with which we work. Stay here, make Greenville better!

Corps members should be experiencing a faith journey, that is tied to a relationship with Jesus. It is not required that folks come in with a fully formed theology, in fact, the questioners are most welcomed! But, I would be remiss to say that a person experiencing spirituality with a non-Christian foundation would fit well. Service Corps programs are all over the country, I would be happy to direct any person who does not fit this mold to a better suited organization.

A willing heart, open mind, and gracious soul are crucial. Living in community, working in intense environments, and practicing spiritual rhythms can be tricky all together. As is said, expect the unexpected!

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