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Textile Village Servant Corps

Immersion. Discernment. Formation.

At its core, The Textile Village Servant Corps is an intentional community of young adults living together and working in common industries who participate in spiritual and personal formation together.

Why Community?

Richard Rohr says it best, “Community is, if you will, the medium in which so many other important things of the Gospel can happen. Community is an engine for peace, it is fuel for justice.” By sharing a common home, common work, and common practices, corps members can accomplish the work of the Gospel together.

Who Can Be a Member?

More commonly than not, folks these days are experiencing one a formative time during their young adult life. This point can be defined as a place between school and life, or between easy life choices and hard ones, or a time that represents a shifting in responsibilities is now a crucial piece of our modern human experience.

Why Greenville?

Greenville, being one of the cities that continues to make it on the “Next Place to go” lists, will inevitably become too cool to care for the people on the outskirts of normal. It will also attract more people seeking the refuge of a big city. By organizing now, we can help raise awareness for the agencies we partner with, we can advocate for the marginalized, and we can help more people as is needed.

Meet Courtney.
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